When you need flood restoration in Northridge CA, you can count on Flash Drop Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal to get the job done. We’re available 24/7 and ready to help with any size or type of damage your home may have suffered.


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Expert Water Damage Services

Regardless of the size of your home, you can count on Flash Drop Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal for an expert’s touch. They use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure you get your house back to normal in the least amount of time possible. Aside from the usual water extraction, Flash Drop Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal offers a host of other services, they can also assess your Northridge home to help you choose the best options for you.

They’re available almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With the assistance of their crews, you can expect to see results within a few hours. They are equipped with the latest state of the art technologies to ensure you are left with nothing but the best in the business. They offer a free no obligation estimate.

They are one of the most well respected names in the industry. Their team of professionals will be able to answer any question you might have about your property, from the initial inspection to the final cleanup. They can also install the right water heater for your situation, so you can save money on your water bill. The same is true if you are experiencing a sewer line backup.

There is no need to panic, but you should take the necessary precautions to prevent further damage. Make sure to dry your clothing, furniture, and carpets, and open all drawers to air out your interiors. If you have leather goods, you might want to consider hanging them, so they do not get saturated. This will also help prevent mold and mildew from growing.

They might be able to fix your flooding problems with a small onsite visit, but for major floods, you might need to call the experts. They will be able to assess your needs, provide you with the most effective solutions, and make your home and your life as easy as possible.

Whether your Northridge home has been damaged by a rogue wave, a plumbing mishap, or just a bad storm, Flash Drop Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal can help you find the solution that will work for you. With a little bit of preparation and a few calls to their office, you can be on your way to a hygienic, comfortable home in no time.



  • Excellent service provided! They came home to assist my husband and I with the flood damage affecting the entire first floor at my property. The flood restoration service provided was top-notch. The experts came at the scheduled time and took action over the issue straight away. They were fully equipped with sophisticated tools. Kept us informed with the process through every step and helped us deal with the insurance company. We appreciate you for being there for us! Thanks!
  • Never in my life have I had to use a flood restoration service therefore, didn’t know what to do. I was told about your company and the outstanding service offered that is why I decided to hire your technicians. They kept me impressed from beginning to end. When they arrived home, they assessed the issue and told me step by step what they were going to do. The technicians were very calm, knowledgeable and experienced which made me realize my property was in great hands. I wasn’t wrong! I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again if an unfortunate situation arises!
  • I only have precious words for the service provided by the experts from your flood restoration company. They did an outstanding job getting rid of the flood in the house as it was affecting major parts of the property. The experts were available for us before, during and after the job was completed. Your company has gained a loyal client in me due to the superior job done; I will be contacting them again whenever it is needed. Really happy with the great service.


What steps should be taken to ensure effective flood restoration?

There are 3 basic steps for effective water damage restoration.
Step 1: Stop the Flood. – Effective flood restoration begins when steps are taken to stop the water flow.
Step 2: Purify the Water. – After the flood has been stopped, water must be purified.
Step 3: Dry the Carpets and Air Ducts. – After the water has been purified and dried, steps are taken to dry carpets and duct work.

What are the long-term impacts of flood restoration on the environment?

Restoring large areas damaged by floods requires extensive planning, coordination of voluntary and involuntary efforts, and significant financial resources. The long-term impacts depend largely on the extent and circumstance of the flood event, the type and amount of flooding, and the degree of recovery.

How can communities become better prepared for future floods?

Local communities can take part in a pre-flood planning session and participate in the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System, which provides important flood risk information to homeowners.