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Things To Do In Granada Hills, CA

Granada Hills is a neighborhood located in the city of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County in the U.S. state of California.The community has a sports program and a variety of city recreation centers. The neighborhood has fourteen public schools and ten private schools.

O’Melveny Park

17300 Sesnon Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344

O’Melveny Park is a public park located in the Santa Susana Mountains in the northern Granada Hills neighborhood of the northern San Fernando Valley, in the northernmost part of the city of Los Angeles, California.

Aliso Canyon Park

18041 Rinaldi St, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Aliso Canyon Park is a public park in the Santa Monica Mountains, located in Los Angeles County, California. The park is operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Aliso Canyon Park is popular for hiking, picnicking, and horseback riding. There are numerous trails throughout the park that offer different levels of difficulty. The park also has a playground, a basketball court, and a picnic area.

Robert Frost Middle School

12314 Bradford Pl, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Robert Frost Middle School is home of the Timberwolves. Frost students embody the pathfinder spirit of the wolf, expanding their academic and social viewpoints beyond the margins of their present avenues to new vistas and opportunities. As within a wolfpack, Frost promotes and provides a sense of belonging where each member is valued for their unique contributions.

Knollwood Country Club

12040 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Nestled in the gently rolling hills of Granada Hills, Knollwood Country Club’s spectacular William F. Bell-designed championship layout, exceptional amenities and friendly service earned it recognition as a 2008 LA Daily News Reader’s Choice Award winner and make it one of Southern California’s finest public golfing facilities.

Regency Theatres Granada Hills

16830 Devonshire St, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Cinema with stores located in nine states of the country, where you can enjoy the latest movie releases of all film genres.

LAPD Edward M. Davis Training Facility

12001 Blucher Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Much of the grounds are occupied by the 4.4 miles of vehicle training track of the LAPDs Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC), used to teach driving techniques. One of only two large EVOCs in Southern California, the Ed Davis facility has two skid pans, a collision avoidance simulator, an inner city street grid, and a high speed track with blind driveways, sharp turns, and elevation changes.

The 137,000 square foot main building has electronic driving simulators, offices, classrooms, firing ranges, and a maintenance garage for EVOC vehicles.

WTP Horse Training

12051-, 12211 Zelzah Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344

At WTP Horse Training They train animals for riding, harnessing, safety, performance or obedience, or for the purpose of assisting people with disabilities. They accustom animals to human contact and the human voice and condition animals to respond to commands given.

Hillcrest Ranch Boarding & Riding Lessons

11630 Zelzah Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Hillcrest Ranch Boarding & Riding Lessons seeks to develop in its students the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes that determine the practice of horsemanship and the handling of the horse in its many facets.

Instructors teach different types and activities of riding, such as flat riding, show jumping and dressage. Instructors must make a careful evaluation of each student’s current skills and abilities.

Islamic Center Of Northridge, Granada Hills Masjid

11439 Encino Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Islamic Center of Northridge, Granada Hills Masjid is a building for Islamic worship; it consists of a prayer hall with a mihrab (niche or niche facing Mecca), a minaret (tower from which the faithful are called to prayer) and a fountain for ablutions or purifications. The mosque is the place of common prayer and, especially, of community gathering for Muslims.

Rinaldi Convalescent Hospital

16553 Rinaldi St, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Selecting the right skilled nursing facility can be critical to your speedy recovery. Rinaldi Convalescent Hospital located in Granada Hills, CA, in Los Angeles County, offers a variety of care services to help you achieve your highest practicable level of well-being.

Skilled nurses, therapists and licensed care professionals are available to guide you through your personalized therapy. Whether you’re recovering after a hospital visit or in need of on-going medical support, Rinaldi Convalescent Hospital can help you achieve your personal goals.